Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Gaya Street

Had you even been Kota Kinabalu before? This is a market which length about few blocks shops selling varieties of goods. Food? Drink? Shirt? Flower? Puppy? ...... Yes Yes Yes Yes Yessss. Gaya street is a tourist's hotspot where u can find cheap local handmade stuffs. Why don't you go get a "I LOVE KK" shirt before you go for Mount Kinabalu or Island trip?
Gaya Street Fair - Sunday Market that sells variety of local goods and souvenir.
Sweet Rambutan (ps: pick red colour)
Local Souvenir 
Pick one
Business while having breakfast - home alike
Batik Dresses
Orang Utan
Tourist 'hotspot'
Perhaps you should get this shirt


Bobby Poerwana said...

It seems like a very pleasant place. Hopefully I can get to the city of Kinabalu. Thanks for share.

TNH said...

halo halo...this end of year i go kk...

ck liau said...

Bobby, you are welcome to visit anytime.
TNH, great! Business trip?